Bootable Windows XP Embedded via USB coming soon


Winxpe_logoI wish we saw more Windows XP Embedded (XPe) solutions; I really like the quick boot for AVSNow on the Q1, which uses XPe on a small drive partition. Why spend time and resources booting into a "full blown" operating system, when you just need the minimum for a specific application? In just two short days, we’ll see the launch of Windows XP Embedded SP2 Feature Pack 2007 and I suspect over time, we will see more of these quick-boot applications. Why is that? The new version will support XPe booting from a USB flash drive and there’s no lack of those around, now is there?

I’d expect we’ll see mini-environments with custom apps running on XPe drives so that you can get your entertainment, games, productivity apps and more with a short boot time via USB. For those looking for some not-so-light reading, there’s a full whitepaper on the new XPe service pack over at Windows for Devices.



I want to put a Virtual Server machine on a USB key to run it on any Windows Virtual Server enabled computer.
This will not be a mini-environment but a full working environment (a mini-environnment might be hard to customize, etc …)

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