Amp’d Gets New COO; Teams With Boston U. For Mobile Video Class

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MVNO Amp’d has hired a new COO, MocoNews has learned: Sue Swenson, who was the former COO of T-Mobile USA has finally joined the company as the COO. This came after sitting out for one year following a non-compete clause from the previous employer (there was a court case from T-Mobile last year to prevent Swenson from joining the upstart, which it won).
In related news, the company has teamed with Boston University to run an accredited class in filming for and with mobile phones… “Amp’d benefits by getting mobile content created by one of its targeted audiences: young, tech-savvy adults.” It’s a good article for getting an idea of the issues and benefits of mobile phones — I especially like the mobile-specific issues the students came up against:
– The phones film for just 15 seconds at a time. For longer scenes, such as the monologue in the stairwell, multiple phones are used.
– The phones don

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Arthur Vandalay

Why did previous COO leave company? Seems like they had some Verizon dude who was also a rainmaker like this T-Mobile person…

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