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Web 2.0 Deadpool: Odeo Podcast Service Bought Back; Pluck RSS Reader Closing

No, this is no f****dcompany style decimation, but some things are becoming clear: hype is still hype, whether Web 1.0 or Web 2.0 style. Only this time you can write it up on your own blog, and people will trackback to it. First:
Odeo: The much-hyped podcasting aggregation and tools service company, started by former Blogger founder Ev Williams, has been bought back from its investors. The parent company has been renamed to Obvious Corp. Here’s the bit about Ev explaining why he did that. Odeo had raised millions in funding from Charles River Ventures, Mitch Capor, Josh Kopelman and Ron Conway, amongst others in August 2005. The new company will now develop/incuubate new applications.
Pluck RSS: Pluck, an RSS vendor company, is clsing down its public RSS newsreader..the company got $8.5 million in funding from Mayfield and Austin Ventures. RSS newsreader space is a commodity and you’ll probably see more shakeout soon. The company’s other services will continue.