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It’s show # 31 and Marc Orchant and James Kendrick love Vista on their Tablet PCs but there are some gotchas lurking if you are not careful.    James loves Internet Explorer 7 on his UMPC and tells us how to get the ability to use the TIP in web forms back.  Marc shares a method to get Hotmail Plus email into Outlook without all those pesky notifications.  Marc’s wife has a new 20" iMac and Marc wants to put Vista on it.  Is the Aero Glass UI in Vista worth the overhead?  Find out what the Inking Duo have to say about that.  Congratulations to the five finalists in the GottaBeMobile essay contest to win a Motion LS800 Tablet PC.  Fellow geek Matt Miller is one of those finalists- big shout out to Matt (aka palmsolo)!  James is impressed when Mickey Segal pulls an LS800 out of his sports jacket pocket in Boston.  Asus is getting everyone excited with their two new entries- the R2H UMPC and the R1F 13.3" Tablet PC (OnlyUMPC has a good review of the R2H).  Marc is impressed with the Mac Office Project Center- why can’t we have the same thing on the Windows side?   Neither inker likes the Business Contact Manager for Outlook but it could be a lack of dedication to make it work.  James and Kevin Tofel are celebrating over 3 million visitors to jkOnTheRun and James leaks some information about a big giveaway coming up. 

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Special thanks to Tiedye Keith for the great song "Vulnerable" with vocals by Tony Lindsay of Santana.

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