Fabric keyboard concept case


Fabric keyboards like the one we recently mentioned on jkOnTheRun garner a lot of fascination, no doubt because of the ways they can be produced in innovative functional ways.  Glyn Evans of Pocket PC Solutions just contacted me with some photos of a concept keyboard he is using from Eleksen who pioneered the fabric keyboard design.  This concept keyboard is interesting as it doubles as a case for the UMPC, in Glyn’s case a TabletKiosk eo.  According to Glyn this keyboard gives an audible click when a key is pressed and is very usable on a daily basis.  Here are a couple of photos of the concept keyboard, the first showing the eo nestled in the case part of the keyboard and the second showing the keyboard deployed for use.  This has definitely gotten me thinking that these fabric keyboards may be more useful then I originally thought.  Thanks for sharing with our readers, Glyn!




Now that’s useful! I was skeptical too, but I like that idea.


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