How to automatically backup Outlook PST files


I have said it before (and often) that you MUST backup your important files often and the best way to do that is automatically.  That ensures you don’t forget or get interrupted during the backup process and fail to complete the backup.  If you are an Outlook user then it is absolutely critical you back up the PST files where all your data and settings live.  There are a number of utilities that can back the PST files up but they require you close Outlook (something I rarely do) because you can’t copy the PST file while Outlook is open.

Jake Ludington has developed a method for automatically closing Outlook and backing up the PST file that is simple yet clever.  He has detailed his method in a post on his blog and it’s worth a read.  Long-time readers know that I use Outback Plus to back up not only my entire Outlook environment but also my Internet Explorer, Firefox environment, and document files.  The developer of Outback Plus has released a new utility, Open File Manager, that lets you make backups of the Outlook environment without closing Outlook at all. 

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