GirlsGoneMobile reviews G-Tech Fabric Keyboard

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You’ve probably seen those keyboards constructed from fabric appear on a few web sites over the last few years but I can’t remember seeing one reviewed.  That’s history now as Jenneth Orantia of GirlsGoneMobile has given the G-Tech Fabric Keyboard a whirl and written a review of it.  The G-Tech’s main benefit to a road warrior is the ability to roll it up and shove it in a gadget bag to haul around.  Jenneth’s review is a good thorough overview of the cloth keyboard so if you are interested in this sort of thing don’t miss it.  Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite:

Where the G-Tech wins out, however, is in its fuss-free design. While the Stowaway has a lot of foldout pieces and mechanical hinges that don’t look particularly durable, the G-Tech is refreshingly simple with a simple strip of fabric and a plastic base. Smart Fabrics claims the keyboard is waterproof and pierce resistant, and can even be put through the wash if you detach the plastic base. At a mere 65g, it’s also much lighter than any other competitor.


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