Vox Launch Glitters


Six Apart celebrated the launch of its blogging/social networking product Vox last night with a big party at Bimbo’s. The club wasn’t quite as crowded as last time I went, for an ’80s cover band show, but it’s an impressively large and nice place for a startup to throw a party. The food was good, the party favor bags were cute.

Six Apart is showing itself to be one of the more mature companies in the space, even if it still indulges founder and president Mena Trott telling the crowd “This is a f-ing great product.” Good times.

The sheer number of social networks is getting to be a turnoff, but the well-designed Vox is an upgrade from what’s out there. Emphasizing personal and private expression over public broadcast will resonate for many people. I for one think Six Apart should jump off the viral marketing pedestal and take out billboards and TV ads to bring personal blogging to the masses.

Photo credit Scott Beale / Laughing Squid.



Vox?!!! I don’t get it.

I just created an account and Vox only allows other Vox members view your private stuff. Too bad if your friends do NOT want to join Vox just to listen to a private message. Forced entry is a bad strategy. This is where MySpace looses people.

And you thought Vox would have been smarter than 78 other social sites? Here we go agian…


I’ve been using Vox for the past few months. It’s fairly easy to use, has nice controls for the privacy of content, and actually encourages you to write. I wouldn’t necessarily call it “social networking,” but it does have a lot of those elements to it.

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