Sony Vaio TX850: a compelling mobile notebook


Tx850_size_compareWith all of the UMPC talk, we often overlook those sub-notebook devices like the Sony Vaio TX850. MobileTechReview keeps us in line by reminding us that these small notebooks can still pack a powerful computing punch in a portable package. Lisa Gade has an in-depth review of the TX850 and gave it 4.5 five stars out of 5. In typical Lisa-fashion, she focuses on all of the important aspects of the device as a true mobile user, so if you’ve got a tad over $2k and aren’t seduced by the latest Apple MacBook Pros, you’ll want to read this.

Just to peak your interest, here are some specs that grabbed my attention:

  • 11.1-inch XBRITE screen with WXGA resolution
  • 6-hours of battery life with the 7800 mAh battery
  • 80 GB 1.8-inch hard drive spinning at 4200 RPM
  • Intel Core Solo U1400 running at 1.2 GHz
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 2.76 pounds <– Wow!



I’ve had a Sony S560P (the predecessor to the SZ line in the size comparison picture) and absolutely love it. I’ve used it for work, school, gaming, image editing, portable DVD player and Orb media server and I’m consistently impressed by how well it does. All battery jokes aside, Sony really knows how to make a great laptop.

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