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An "avid" jkOTR reader, Jeff, just turned us on to what is an amazing mobile technology. Similar to programs or environments on a stick (like Firefox on stick), MojoPac can turn any USB 2.0 storage device into a virtual environment that you can carry around and use as needed. Let’s say you install MojoPac onto an iPod or other portable USB drive: this gives you the MojoPac base environment. After connecting the storage device to any Windows XP computer, you can then open up and run the MojoPac environment. The entire experience is running on a Windows XP computer but from within the storage device where MojoPac resides; essentially MojoPac is an XP machine that borrows resources from the physical computer you’re connected to. You can switch between the "native" XP environment and the virtual MojoPac environment on command.

Here’s the beauty: once you have MojoPac installed on a storage device, you simply install any apps you want to run right in MojoPac. For example: you want to run Firefox, Outlook and Doom at your local Internet Cafe where the PCs are locked down to prevent installation. Simply install the apps within MojoPac on your portable storage drive, plug in your device and they’ll run right in MojoPac. The physical XP machine will have no idea that these apps are running and (best of all) there’s no trace of them left on the host machine. As if that wasn’t enough: there’s no performance hit in your MojoPac apps!

My explanation can’t do MojoPac justice, so there are some video demos that you have to see to believe this. MojoPac costs $29.99 for a license, but there is a 30 day free trial (or 200 boots, whichever comes first), so you can experience it yourself. You’ll need a license for each USB 2.0 storage device you install MojoPac on; luckily, there is a special going until November 16th: after the initial $29.99 license, you can add up to three more at $14.99 each giving you multiple Mojos. Thanks for the tip, Jeff!


Lorie Ghamy

Portableapps & Framakey

All the apps are free !


I saw the MojoPac software at Demo Fall and installed shortly after. It really is amazing. I installed all of my development tools (and games) on the USB device and now I can take everything with me everywhere I go.

I use a Maxtor 300 gig external drive.


I’ve been using and following MojoPac’s development for the last month. There are still quite a few significant issues/glitches with MojoPac. Check out Steve Gibson’s comments about MojoPac, via his Security Now #63 podcast with Leo Laporte at Gibson does a great job explaining MojoPac’s technology and it’s features/limitations.

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