Excellent review of the iGo Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard


Stowaway SierraIf you follow jkOnTheRun at all you know that I recently picked up the new iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard.  You also know that Kevin has already done a great review of the Stowaway so there’s no need for me to write one (thanks, Kevin!).  One thing that hasn’t been covered in too much depth in regards to the keyboard is how well it works with Windows Mobile devices, something that is unique to the Stowaway keyboard.  It not only works great with Windows XP (and Vista) but it also will run on most Pocket PC devices, providing a super mobile writing platform.  Jack Cook of Experience Mobility has recently taken delivery of the Stowaway and he’s published a very good review of the little keyboard.  Jack spends a lot of time (and photos) covering the Stowaway in use with a number of Windows Mobile devices.  Since Kevin pointed out the great Amazon deal on the Stowaway (which I used for my keyboard) if you are thinking about this keyboard you better run over to read the review and then hit Amazon up.

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