PhoneScoop reviews the Pearl: buried treasure or wooden coins?

Pearl_galleryI’m starting to wonder if the Blackberry Pearl was slightly over-hyped. Granted, I have yet to hold one or use it, so that’s why I rely on people smarter than me to share their thoughts. PhoneScoop dropped a lengthy review today and if you read it, you can see why they’re among the best in the business when it comes to phones. I probably would have overlooked some of the key scenarios they tried, especially some of the ones that weren’t too hot. Here’s an example in terms of the photo gallery software (remember, this is the first Blackberry with a camera):

"The gallery’s most severe weakness is not apparent until the second time you use it. After you use it the first time and exit the gallery to do other things on your Pearl you will eventually want to return to the gallery to check out the new pictures you have taken. But when you open the gallery, you might panic when all you see are the old pictures. Do not panic. Your pictures were saved. However you must go up a level in the directory, and then re-select your picture folder before you can see them. Once you reselect your pictures folder, the gallery will draw thumbnails for the photos you took since the last time you used the application. You will need to repeat this process any time you want to view new photos you have taken."

Yikes! Is it all doom and gloom? Heck no, but there some software and usability issues that needs some attention. That’s surprising to me since I’ve heard and seen how most Blackberries are extremely simple and effective. For you Pearl fans: you’ll want to read the whole review.


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