Orange-branded Bluetooth speaker from Acoustic Energy


Orange_bluetoothSo you’ve got a Bluetooth-enabled phone loaded with killer digital tunes and you want to share. Calm down RIAA, I only meant that folks might want to play the media for others to hear….and not charge money….or transfer files. So like you can possibly plug in a small, external speaker, but that’s only if you have the right sized jack on your phone and c’mon, how tinny can you get the sound, right? This Orange-branded Bluetooth speaker set by Acoustic Energy would really come in handy for just such an occasion. There’s no wires, you get A2DP support for better sound quality and the 20-watt amplifier gives your music a little "oomph" when you need it. UK readers can catch this portable wireless solution soon for around 90 pounds.

(via NewLaunches)

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