Films On Phones – Is It A Mission Impossible?


Nokia are Paramount are releasing the full-length Mission Impossible III on a memory card for its N93 phone, due for release at the same time as the DVD. I’m testing one of these bad boys and yes, the 2.4″ QVGA hi-def screen is the most impressive feature. My problem is that I’ve never heard anyone say anything other than content for mobiles needs to be short form – around two to three minutes. I’m trying to get a copy of the MI III memory card so I can make my own mind up, but I’m a little skeptical about whether all the billowing smoke and flames of those hugely detailed action scenes will work on a screen about half the size of my credit card. Don’t we agree that the best content for mobile needs to be made for mobile? A version of MI III commissioned and filmed for mobile alongside the main film, cut into bit-bize chapters with interactive plot changes, maybe? I ask too much. Still, they are trying.
Incidentally the movie can’t be copied off the memory card so it can’t be used on any other platform, which seems a bit remiss. It’s not for sale, but comes as part of the N93 sales package in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary and Finland.

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.

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