Canon ELURA 100: camcorder of the year

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Canon_elura_100_1Now I’m no video camera expert, but I’m glad to see I chose correctly. CamcorderInfo just ran through the best of the best in the video-cam space, which is actually getting pretty crowded with the new high-def offerings and all. Would you believe that a $400 camcorder, the Canon ELURA 100, was the best of the best? Granted, the higher end cameras have a zillion more features and higher resolution, but when it came to features and quality per your hard earned dollar, this $400 camcorder came out on top.

When I started doing video reviews, I was actually using a Logitech webcam, which as we all know isn’t the best for high quality videos. A few months back I did some research and liked what the Canon ELURA 100 had to offer for the money, so I nabbed one on sale for around $350. That’s the equipment I now use for our video reviews and while I’m a high-def junkie, I didn’t see the point of spending over a grand to provide high-def video reviews at this time since file size and bandwidth can still be issues. If you’re in the market for a relatively inexpensive camcorder, you might want to check out the Canon.

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