Yahoo Close To Newspaper Deal For Hotjobs?


So says Peter, citing his sources…this has been rumored for a while as BW reported on it earlier, which we picked up here. Yahoo is close to finalizing a major deal that would pair its lagging HotJobs with a consortia of “non-Careerbuilder” newspapers. This move has been accelerated as the new Yahoo listings head Hilary Schneider possibly pushed the deal…she was, as you know, the former head of Knight Ridder’s digital efforts, among other things…there she oversaw the company’s share of CareerBuilder.
Leading the newspaper side has been Dean Singleton and his lieutenant Eric Grilly at Media News Group…Peter writes that as many as 12 newspaper companies have been involved with the negotiations, but as few as six may end up participating. At this point, contracts haven’t been signed.
Beyond this, the bigger picture is more tantalizing: “Over time, they might go ‘a step beyond’ by integrating newspaper and Yahoo content

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