Video Sharing Site Veeker Launches

A mobile-to-internet video sharing site, Veeker, has launched in beta mode. It’s intended to encourage people to share videos from their mobile phones, and has a pretty simple system — users shoot a “veek” (“video peek”) on their mobile phone and send it to [email protected] They then log onto the website, input their phone number and use that to create an account.
“Mobile videos are shorter, more immediate, more personal, and more privileged than the sorts of videos you might see on sites like YouTube and IFILM, which is why Veeker doesn’t look or feel like sites of that nature,” said Rodger Raderman, Chief Marketing and Product Officer. “Veeker has been designed to facilitate easy and instant mobile video communication amongst people already known to each other. When people log in to VEEKER on a daily basis, the brain cells that fire are similar to the ones that make them want to check their email or IM or voicemail.” There’s no mention of price, but there is mention of “partnering with other websites to incorporate mobile video communication into their users’ experiences”, and I suspect that may be the revenue stream.
The company was founded by Alex Kelly, former head of new media at 20th Century Fox, Rodger Raderman, Founder and former Chairman/CEO of, Raj Singh, creator of ToneThis, a Top 10 mobile software download on CNET, and Marcus Yoder, a business development leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers, Oblix Software, and Agile Software.