Vaja unveils Messenger Bag line

PDA and phone owners who own Vaja cases will tell you that you won’t find better workmanship or finer leather in any case.  We have reviewed some of those cases here on jkOnTheRun and I have to admit I have often thought how great it would be if Vaja made briefcases or laptop bags.  The fine leather crafters have informed me that they are now producing a line of messenger bags that look absolutely wonderful.  The two larger cases look to handle virtually any notebook computer and the slim model would be perfect for most Tablet PCs.  These cases start at $220 and are fully customizable to create a unique and distinctive bag.  I really like these bags and will try to get one for a review.  If you’re listening, Vaja, my favorite is the 15" with the Brownie/ Golden Ochre combination.  :)



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