Is it a Fly? Is it a Book? No, it’s a FlyBook!

Flybook_boxThe great folks over at iCube were generous enough to loan us a FlyBook V33i-ELV notebook and guess what arrived today? Yup, it’s here! This is the handheld notebook sporting a Pentium M 1.1GHz processor with 40 GB drive and 1 GB of RAM. Like a convertible Tablet PC, the FlyBook has a swivel display which is a touchscreen at 1024 x 600 native resolution. The operating system installed is Windows XP Pro, not the Tablet Edition, but then again, Vista installs Tablet PC functionality, so we’ll have to give that a try, no? We’ll have a week or two to put this stylish devil through the mobile paces, but we figured it wasn’t fair to just have you wait for a review or video. So, ladies and gentlemen: we offer you some quick unboxing photos to get you all juiced up!

Dialogue definitely gets high marks for presentation; everything is nicely and professionally packaged. In one box is the case and accessories. Hmm…what’s in the gray foam, I wonder?

Now I can be productive and the road AND look fashionable! Red is still in, right? What’s that rule: you shouldn’t carry any white computing devices after Labor Day?

The paparazzi catches a candid of the FlyBook’s backside. Plenty of ports plus a PC Card slot!

Power button and SIM card slot. Guess it’s about time for this Verizon guy to do the SIM thing…

Two batteries: standard and extended? Oh iCube, you shouldn’t have!

I’m guessing we’ll get approximately double the battery life with the extended battery. It’s just a guess though. Don’t worry, we’ll be letting Battery Eater do its thing…

Keeping up with the fashion statement is the nice carry case. Hey, those look like recovery CDs, making it safe for me to do the Vista thing…sweet!

A little family portrait size comparison might be in order.

OK, there you have it! Right out of the box and onto your PC! As always, I welcome your questions in the comments here. I’ll do my best to answer as many as possible through a written review, video review or who knows…maybe both!

Thanks again to iCube for lending us the Dialogue FlyBook. I realize that the last time they loaned us something, it was the Q1 SSD that James ended up purchasing, so I’ll be resisting the temptation. Send me your telepathic thoughts to help me in my quest to review and then return the FlyBook! ;)

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