iGo Stowaway Sierra keyboard rocks, er, is steady

Kevin Tofel is a bad influence.  When he posted about the great deal Amazon was running on the iGo Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth keyboard I couldn’t pass it up and it arrived yesterday.  What can I say, the Sierra is as good as the original USB version I loved so much and it’s been a blast using the keyboard.  It is solidly constructed and works just like it should, something you can’t always say about gadgets.  Here’s a picture of the keyboard in action:


As you can see this is a photo of Kevin’s keyboard and setup, it is scary but it is the EXACT same setup I am using right now.  Same UMPC, same phone, same keyboard.  Maybe we are one and the same person…

Once the ThinkOutside Bluetooth mouse arrives I’ll have a leg up on Kevin.  For the moment.  I guess I just want to be like Kevin when I grow up.  Check that, I don’t ever want to grow up, playing with toys is too much fun.


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