iGo Stowaway Sierra keyboard rocks, er, is steady


Kevin Tofel is a bad influence.  When he posted about the great deal Amazon was running on the iGo Stowaway Sierra Bluetooth keyboard I couldn’t pass it up and it arrived yesterday.  What can I say, the Sierra is as good as the original USB version I loved so much and it’s been a blast using the keyboard.  It is solidly constructed and works just like it should, something you can’t always say about gadgets.  Here’s a picture of the keyboard in action:


As you can see this is a photo of Kevin’s keyboard and setup, it is scary but it is the EXACT same setup I am using right now.  Same UMPC, same phone, same keyboard.  Maybe we are one and the same person…

Once the ThinkOutside Bluetooth mouse arrives I’ll have a leg up on Kevin.  For the moment.  I guess I just want to be like Kevin when I grow up.  Check that, I don’t ever want to grow up, playing with toys is too much fun.



This keyboard is reviewed well all over this website. I’m putting the current status where I bump into it.

If I trace the history correctly, Mobility Electronics changed their name to iGo. iGo bought up Think Outside, makers of the above keyboard.

I called iGo and they stopped manufacturing pretty much anything except power adapters, to include the above excellent keyboard. What you see in stores from iGo (except power adapters) are just leftovers. iGo did not sell the division to another company, they just shut it down.

I’m trolling around and finding the Think Outside Sierra Bluetooth keyboard here and there on the internet (cheapest now is $85 + 13 shipping), but not at any big retailer like amazon.

Thanks, iGo, for buying up a great product and then shutting it down. Hopefully someone will step up and fill in and make a similar product with dedicated number keys and function keys.


Tax Man, yes it’s ironic that I just posted my gadget bag and now am changing a couple of pieces of the kit. I’m just a gadget hound, I guess.

Actually, I still use the Samsung organizer and keyboard in my office, it’s like a little dock. I am experimenting with carrying the Stowaway keyboard with me on my daily travels as it’s not only smaller in the Booq bag but it’s a full size keyboard and as a fast touch typist this makes a big difference. I miss the joystick in the Samsung keyboard so long term who knows what I will use?

I have used that IOGear mouse for 2 years now and while it has worked OK for me it has never felt totally comfortable in my large hand. The mouse is very narrow and it feels like it’s going to slip out of my hand. The ThinkOutside mouse is a tad wider and I’m hoping it will be more comfortable.

Philip Ferris

Yet another offer only for the States, effectively. I missed out on the recent win a tablet essay competition and now Amazon’s Sierra offer – I tried but they won’t ship to the UK [To get the same keyboard from Amazon UK costs $144 plus postage!! So I can see their incentive not to].

Oh well, I’ll just stick with my number keyless version – I still love Thinkoutside.

Tax Man (aka Bill)

Wow, JK. This, after you just posted the contents of your gadget bag! I guess that’s another post you’ll need to update. You guys really need to spend more alone time. I’m curious why you need the new mouse? How is that different from the bluetooth mouse that you, until very recently, were using? Also, since you were just telling us how much you like using the Samsung keyboard and organizer, what about the Stowaway setup makes you want to throw the old gear under the bus? Please share!

P.S. There seems to be two “Bill’s” so I need a different moniker. I was confusing myself reading comments about gear that I didn’t have. :)

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