Hands on with T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home: Mobile Gadgeteer


Tmobile_hotspotMatt Miller over the Mobile Gadgeteer has been beta testing T-Mobile’s new HotSpot@Home service and shares some of the details now that the program is public. The new service is an implementation of UMA, or Unlicensed Mobile Access, which allows you to seamlessly switch phone calls between cellular service and WiFi networks. You’ll need UMA-specific phones for this T-Mobile offering, but Matt’s experience sounds extremely positive: so much so, that he’s registered for the public service that will cost him $19.95 a month. T-Mob even has incentives to use their network: you get unlimited U.S. minutes when placing a call within your home WiFi network or one of the thousands of T-Mobile hotspots! UMA will be huge, so watch for similar offerings from the other cellular players; if they don’t follow suit soon, they’ll be hurting in a few years and playing "catch-up".

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