Freeware of the Moment- Go Pandora one better with OpenPandora

Kevin first turned us onto Pandora a while back and it has become my favorite way to listen to music anytime I have a WiFi connection.  It is uncanny how Pandora takes a suggestion from me about different music that I like and offers me up a mix that is superb.  I have discovered a lot of music I would never have found that I like a lot.  The only wish I’ve had about Pandora is to break the constraint of living in my browser and go stand-alone.

Our Freeware of the Moment is a third party application called OpenPandora that not only frees Pandora from my browser but adds some cool new features as well.  Just take a look at all the stuff OpenPandora adds to an already great service:

  • Hide to tray
  • Popup tray notification balloon
  • Full control from tray icon
  • Control with multimedia keyboard
  • Global shortcuts
  • Mini Player
  • Integration with
  • Integration with Microsoft Messenger
  • Integration with Xfire
  • Lyrics

OpenPandora is donation-ware so if you like it drop some coin on the developer.  Don’t overlook the Microsoft Messenger integration, it is very cool. 


(via Download Squad)


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