Verizon’s G’zOne phone: fit for Cousteau


Gzone_saschaSascha Segan goes where no geek has gone before: underwater with the the G’zOne phone from Verizon Wireless. This $299 CDMA offering is a ruggedized model made by Casio that’s advertised to stay intact in 3-feet of water for up to a half hour. Sascha pushes the limits by dropping the phone in to 6-feet of pool water only to realize he now has to fetch his new toy. ;)

The G’zOne lacks Bluetooth and many advanced functions, but as a rugged, base phone, it’s not too bad for you scuba-types: QVGA internal color screen, 100 x 100 monochome external display, 2-megapixel camera, and approximately 15 MB of storage for those photos. There’s no external memory card slot, so you won’t be able to film many mermaid sightings, but for the casual aqualung on Verizon’s network, this might be underwater treasure.

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