USB thumb drive raid array- how cool is that?


We are always trying to push computing technology to the limits here on jkOnTheRun where you might guess our credo is “because we can” but I have to admit I totally missed this bit of wizardry.  Some enterprising people on Big Bruin have created a DIY raid array out of four plain jane USB thumb drives and witnessed a six-fold increase in throughput.  They have posted full directions for you “because I can” readers.

Thumb drive raid array

(via TRFJ)


Core i7 workstation

Just think all we would need is a 10 port USB controller, with 10 x 2 GB sticks and then set them up in RAID 0. Then use it for video editing and 3d rendering. Only problem is the USB hub would have to be connected via eSATA. Or set it up in RAID 5, making one of them the designated for parity.


Hey what about they I/O perf. ?

does it scale well?
->perf. from 1 stick x 4 = perf. of raid 0 ?

a raid array of 4 200x (faast) usb sticks would be nice…


Yeah this is really a because you can kind of thing. Would not want to rely on this for much of anything. :D It’s also a nice way to take 4 1 gig usb thumb drives and make them only hold 1 gig of stuff! :D

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