The Sticky of Excitement

Today I check my Mac news as I always do, and I see four reports of the Apple Store going down for maintenance. Then it birthed the new Macbook Pro’s!

Us macheads have got it all wrong though. We get excited when the store has that little sticky up, because it’s been an indicator for a few years that new things are about to show themselves. Someday, the days of the sticky will fade away because of Rails. The Apple Store, as I suspect, will get rewritten using Ruby on Rails. That sticky will be a thing of the past when Apple IT can type ‘rake migrate’ and push new products into production.

So I hate to break the news to everyone, but this might be the last time we say hello to the sticky and blog about it. It’s done us well, and who knows. Perhaps Apple will keep using it for show since we get all abuzz when it appears. Just remeber it for today, because we may never see it again.



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