The Sticky of Excitement


Today I check my Mac news as I always do, and I see four reports of the Apple Store going down for maintenance. Then it birthed the new Macbook Pro’s!

Us macheads have got it all wrong though. We get excited when the store has that little sticky up, because it’s been an indicator for a few years that new things are about to show themselves. Someday, the days of the sticky will fade away because of Rails. The Apple Store, as I suspect, will get rewritten using Ruby on Rails. That sticky will be a thing of the past when Apple IT can type ‘rake migrate’ and push new products into production.

So I hate to break the news to everyone, but this might be the last time we say hello to the sticky and blog about it. It’s done us well, and who knows. Perhaps Apple will keep using it for show since we get all abuzz when it appears. Just remeber it for today, because we may never see it again.



Robert Head

Oh, and yes, the Apple store (and the iTunes store) run under WebObjects.

Robert Head

Personally, I’m gonna file this one under “wild, unsupported conjecture.”

And I say that as a formerly happy WebObjects developer, and currently happy Ruby on Rails developer.

BTW, IMHO, yes, Rails is better for a lot of reasons. But, WO is great, too, and I’d be enormously surprised if they switched in the next couple of years. There is just no *need* to do so.

Nic Sarginson

Well personally I can’t see it going away that quickly as there is no technical reason why they need to take the site down to make changes or add new content, its purely a marketing ploy.

Though as it does make you think they are running a coal powered website if they really do have to take it down to make changes.


> I’m much more inclined to believe that the Apple Store is built using WebObjects.

Maybe I misunderstood your post, but the ARS is built with WO.

Todd Baur

“as I suspect” = I don’t have a confirmed source. I just see what they are up too and this makes sense to do it. They have the money to do it, and face it – needs to be redone. It’s 2.0 time…

John Truong

I’m much more inclined to believe that the Apple Store is built using WebObjects. It allows you to build extremely dynamic and flexible sites, so I don’t think the stickies are really there because Apple’s forced to use them.

You might be getting well ahead of yourself by declaring that the stickie will go away because of Ruby on Rails, and that this might be the last time we see it.

It’s not enough for some piece of technology to be cool or the latest thing for a sensible company like Apple to throw away their huge existing investment and start over. Especially if the payoff from switching away from WebObjects is not very big.

Frederic Brunel

If the Apple Store is being redesigned with Ruby on Rails that’s a scoop. Do you have more information about this? What let you think that it would happen and why?

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