Super Talent SSD drives: small but nearly affordable

16_gb_ssd_flash_driveJames is already seeing the benefit of a Solid State Drive, or SSD, in his Samsung Q1 UMPC and if prices keep dropping, you could too. CrunchGear stumbled across another SSD manufacturer that I hadn’t found yet; and trust me: I’ve been looking. Super Talent currently offers SSDs in Small, Medium and Large, even though most of us will hold out for XL.

These 44-pin, IDE drives are available in a 2.5-inch form factor in current capacities of 4-, 8- and 16-GB, which are nice, but not really enough to take the plunge. However, these are worth a mention, just to illustrate the declining price:

  • 4 GB = $197.50
  • 8 GB = $323.50
  • 16 GB = $548.00

Are these prices and capacities where we need them to be for mainstream usage? Of course not; that’s going to take time, but this shows promise. It would be a safe bet that by this time next year that same $548 will purchase a 64 GB SSD drive for that next UMPC or notebook in your mobile arsenal. And no, I won’t be buying you one if my prediction is wrong. ;)


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