Super Talent SSD drives: small but nearly affordable


16_gb_ssd_flash_driveJames is already seeing the benefit of a Solid State Drive, or SSD, in his Samsung Q1 UMPC and if prices keep dropping, you could too. CrunchGear stumbled across another SSD manufacturer that I hadn’t found yet; and trust me: I’ve been looking. Super Talent currently offers SSDs in Small, Medium and Large, even though most of us will hold out for XL.

These 44-pin, IDE drives are available in a 2.5-inch form factor in current capacities of 4-, 8- and 16-GB, which are nice, but not really enough to take the plunge. However, these are worth a mention, just to illustrate the declining price:

  • 4 GB = $197.50
  • 8 GB = $323.50
  • 16 GB = $548.00

Are these prices and capacities where we need them to be for mainstream usage? Of course not; that’s going to take time, but this shows promise. It would be a safe bet that by this time next year that same $548 will purchase a 64 GB SSD drive for that next UMPC or notebook in your mobile arsenal. And no, I won’t be buying you one if my prediction is wrong. ;)


John Christian

Sorry, a major typo in that last post: “Today i WOULD go for the Samsung drives easily…”. Sorry about that.

John Christian

As an additional note, tests show that these Super Talent flash drives are incredibly slow compared to e.g. the Samsung flash drive (the one that is in the Q1 and the similar 2.5″ version of it). While the Samsung drive is really amazing, this Super Talent drive doenst do the technology justice simply because they have appaling read and write speeds to their flash memory. So be careful and look out before you buy anything. Today I wouldnt go for the Samsung drives easily, they will genuinely give you a new experience and a taste of the future for a very good HDD replacement.


Well. Almost every time i log onto jkontherun’s UMPC section (which is almost every day) I see an improvment to the UMPC in some form or another. I’m still waiting to get my UMPC (Waiting for fuel cell atm. I think I finally got the keyboard on these that i wanted based on intels latest prototype) but the flash drive will certainly benifit the UMPC with its low power requirments and speedy access times. Also they’re much better suited for portable systems due to their lack of moving parts. Its almost a waste that Toshiba invested so much time and effort in there laptops so that they quickly park the heads of there HDD’s if the laptop were to suddenly be dropped. Still never mind.

Pretty soon i can envisage SSD’s replacing normal HDD’s in home PC’s. Who knows. Maybe they’ll fix that annoying memory problem with PDA’s and smart phones and replace the internal flash chips with these SSD’s. That way, all PDA/Smart Phone programs can finally save all the data to a permenant store without the programmers being afraid of space issues or lack of MMC/SD cards. Also the potential for portable media devices is incredible. I can’t wait to see how these things progress.

John Christian

Love that this technology is finally arriving although at a premium price right now. Really looking forward to using these in all kinds of devices. Getting rid of that noisy, hot and energy consuming harddrive will be a major upgrade – and the speed of SSD drives today will make systems much more responsive, like JKs Q1 review shows. Considering that you can store your media on some big harddisks in a server somewhere, you really dont need to lug around big disks anymore. Even as a system disk for a normal desktop PC you could get by with 16 GB unless you need to have lots of games installed on it as well. Having remote access to your music and media is also a viable option today, and the price on these services will come down gradually. Even todays Edge/3G is good enough to stream high quality sound from your personal server at home so you dont need to bring half your CD collection on your mediaplayer with you anymore. For movies we still need some higher bandwidth though (unless you have access to a wlan).

I am really looking forward to this and will get one when the price of that 32 GB version becomes a little bit more affordable (like the Samsung SSD drive you find in the Q1).


i was waiting for the 32gb to drop in price but i realized that 32gb isn’t enough for me anyway since my 40gb hdd isn’t. ideally i would need 64gb. thats not gonna happen for a long time so i’ve decided to splurge on the 16gb and use the 40gb as an external via a usb enclosure.


So you buy 4 and stripe them together like the USB thumb drives. :-)

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