Quicksilver Screencast: The Clipboard

More often than not when Quicksilver is blogged, the topic focuses on simply launching apps or some other pretty basic use. But here on TAB, I’ve tried to show some of the more advanced features of this amazing program. Recently David at TUAW got down with the Quicksilver screencasts too, and did a great piece on Quicksilver and iCal. (Even if you’re not an iCal user, I’d say it’s worth checking it out.) So today I’m back with another slightly a-typical use for Quicksilver, accessing your Clipboard.

If you find yourself copying and pasting lots of stuff on your mac, it either drives you crazy going back and forth between windows, or you’ve adapted and now use something like iClip, or Shadow Clipboard, or another similar offering. As a personal opinion, these are just too invasive. They take up screen space, and for the most part I have to use my mouse to access them, or learn all new keyboard shortcuts just for these apps. They’re great programs, but I just can’t roll this way.

So the following is a video demonstration – screencast for you hip boys and girls – of how I access my clipboard history with a couple keystrokes using Quicksilver. It’s always there waiting, out of sight until I need it. Then it’s there, does it’s thing, and it’s gone in a flash. Perfect.

Without further ado…
Quicksilver and The Clipboard
(45.6MB / 10:21mins / 716 x 446)

UPDATE: For those having trouble getting the “Clipboard History” and “Show Contents” items, I’ve been trying to track them down. Check the comments below for more information.

UPDATE #2: Found the clipboard history item – here’s how to get it.