Did Google Coop kill Alexa Search?


Smart reader, Sangeeta points out that you have to pay 33 cents for every 1111 calls (searches), while Google is offering “community” type search for free. Alexa needs some hackery, Google Co-op needs some street smarts. She suggests a mash-up that combines Alexa website thumbnails with Google Co-op. Hmm!… there goes my weekend!



Google Coop + Snap.com (fixed position hack)?

Does Google Coop have some API like their reguler search service? That would be nice indeed.

Definitely not my weekend :p


Spent two minutes creating a Wikipedia search engine, with a URL that is less of a hassle to type – http://www.wikp.com … This is what makes Google Coop so much more powerful than Rollyo, etc., which I had played around with in the past …


I am confused with these words.
Om Sangeeta thumbnails mashup weekend – what is going on?

pun intended

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