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Yahoo India To Bet On Regional Language Portals In The Long Term

Exchange4media has an interview with George Zacharias, MD of Yahoo India. Here, he defends Yahoo India’s strategy of launching portals in the vernacular languages despite industry veterans like Ajit Balakrishnan of Rediff expressing skepticism over the viability of regional language portals – at least in the short term.
“We have reached some 25-30 million people who are familiar with English. But we are fast reaching a level where a lot of people are familiar with at least another Indian language. As the Internet penetrates to the next 100-200 million, we will come across a lot of users who are only familiar with their mother tongue. I think it is the nature of the way the Internet will evolve in India. So, it is more of a preparation for what is going to be in three to five years from now,” says Zacharia.
Talking of the recent FIPB approval for acquiring or investing in an ISP for internet telephony, Zacharias said it’s an enabling provision as of now. He also talks of other things like Yahoo’s investment in BharatMatrimony.

4 Responses to “Yahoo India To Bet On Regional Language Portals In The Long Term”

  1. Yahoo should expand on it Publisher Network advertising system to sign up more advertisers in India. There are not enough advertisers for Indian websites to survive. The Indian Advertising Companies are ignoring the internet when it comes to using the thousands of websites to promote their clients.

    We are in the Indian internet space since 1999 with sites like and

  2. Hi Sahad

    Why doesn't Yahoo! start wth search and mail, where they enjoy a sizeable market share? I think it would make sense for them to Indianise their search engine and mail facility before venturing into portals, whi need considerable gestation period.