Mobile deal: ThinkOutside Sierra BT keyboard for $64 shipped


Sierra1_2Here I thought I got a good deal when I bought the ThinkOutside Sierra Bluetooth keyboard for $98 from Amazon. jkOTR reader, Michael, just tipped us off that Amazon is now blowin’ out these BT ‘boards for $63.99 shipped! I use my Sierra every day with my Q1 UMPC (I’m using it right now) because it provides the most realistic typing experience on a mobile keyboard that I’ve ever used. It truly is a full-size keyboard that folds up into a small 3 x 5 package. If you’re not sure that this is the right mobile wireless keyboard for you; check out our review before you decide either way. Thanks to Michael for the tip!

Note: We’re not currently affiliated with Amazon in any way; as such the link provided is not an affiliate link and jkOTR makes no money from any sales via the link. I only mention this so that people realize how good a keyboard I think this is; i.e.: I’m not sharing this product deal for any financial incentive.



This keyboard is reviewed well all over this website. I’m putting the current status where I bump into it.

If I trace the history correctly, Mobility Electronics changed their name to iGo. iGo bought up Think Outside, makers of the above keyboard.

I called iGo and they stopped manufacturing pretty much anything except power adapters, to include the above excellent keyboard. What you see in stores from iGo (except power adapters) are just leftovers. iGo did not sell the division to another company, they just shut it down.

I’m trolling around and finding the Think Outside Sierra Bluetooth keyboard here and there on the internet (cheapest now is $85 + 13 shipping), but not at any big retailer like amazon.

Thanks, iGo, for buying up a great product and then shutting it down. Hopefully someone will step up and fill in and make a similar product with dedicated number keys and function keys.


Are there any keyboards like this with a trackpoint/Thumbmouse/whatever these little mouse devices emebdded in keyboards are called?


You know, I don’t think it’s a bad thing if you guys DID use affiliate links for this stuff.

You’re helping us find out about good deals. So why wouldn’t I want to help you guys out by making sure you got some payback when I buy it?

It’s an easy way to show support for a site. Just put up two links (one affiliate, one not) so the people who are so upset over affiliate links can feel better.

Michael Venini

I also ordered a Bluetooth mouse. Now except for the AC adapter, I can have a wireless desk.


An in Europe it only seems available from Expansys for approx $160. Oh hum…


Sounds great. Shame they don’t ship to oz. I just ordered it in oz for A$200 (US$151). Probably explains why there isn’t an great uptake of these devices.

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