Mobile deal: ThinkOutside Sierra BT keyboard for $64 shipped

Sierra1_2Here I thought I got a good deal when I bought the ThinkOutside Sierra Bluetooth keyboard for $98 from Amazon. jkOTR reader, Michael, just tipped us off that Amazon is now blowin’ out these BT ‘boards for $63.99 shipped! I use my Sierra every day with my Q1 UMPC (I’m using it right now) because it provides the most realistic typing experience on a mobile keyboard that I’ve ever used. It truly is a full-size keyboard that folds up into a small 3 x 5 package. If you’re not sure that this is the right mobile wireless keyboard for you; check out our review before you decide either way. Thanks to Michael for the tip!

Note: We’re not currently affiliated with Amazon in any way; as such the link provided is not an affiliate link and jkOTR makes no money from any sales via the link. I only mention this so that people realize how good a keyboard I think this is; i.e.: I’m not sharing this product deal for any financial incentive.


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