Them Phones Are Getting Skinny


Having started my weight loss efforts in earnest, it seems I am noticing things from a whole different perspective. For instance the phones, that are getting increasingly thin, and in a good sort of a way. This Friday, when I came home, there were a package from T-Mobile USA. They had sent me their newest windows mobile smart phone, The Dash.

Boy, it is feature packed. Sure its got Windows Mobile, not exactly my favorite OS, but others feel differently. The WiFi, the keyboard, and overall contour of the device are quite appealing. But it is its profile – slim and skinny which is most impressive. I have not put it through the entire battery of tests, and will report on that some other day.

Another phone/smartphone which is skinny and sexy – the Blackberry Pearl. Late September when visiting New York, a VC buddy of mine sang paeans to the Pearl and described it as the best phone he has ever owned. I dismissed this as typical VC hyperbole. Folks from RIM, somehow felt that I should try one out, and they have sent one. And guess what he was spot on.

Pearl is small, light, pretty, feature packed and more importantly thin. Thin enough to slip into the inside pocket of the Burberry blazers I so love, and not show up like a lump. It is unfortunate that it is only available for T-Mobile, because after five days of use, I would have easily dumped my various Nokia(s.)

The Dash, and The Pearl are the latest in the growing list of mobile phones that qualify as Skinny. Sharp, LG, Samsung – they all have come to market with Slimmer phones. We owe this weight loss trend to Motorola RAZR, that has become the Atkins of the mobile phone business. Q became the lightening rod for lighter smartphones. The downside of the skinniness is that the battery doesn’t last very long. Pearl has to be plugged in every night, and Dash’s WiFi gulps, not sips the power.

The big question, which I cannot answer is: do people buy phones because they are thin? What do you think?

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