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JK iconWhen I first started jkOnTheRun I envisioned a web site that would cover mobile technology from the perspective of the end user.  I wanted to create a source of information for readers that they would not only find useful but that would also stimulate conversation about the technology and get people to say “hey, I can do that and increase my effectiveness while mobile”.

Kevin_jkotr_2I believe jkOnTheRun has met those goals and it is in large part due to the outstanding contributions of Kevin Tofel.  I have told him privately (although not frequently enough) but want to state publicly that Kevin shares so much salient information with our readers and jkOTR is a much better place because of it.  I am amazed anew every day at the breadth of Kevin’s knowledge about all areas of mobile technology and his ability to present it in a way that is not only informative but entertaining as well.  I am honored to call Kevin my friend and very happy he is working with me on jkOnTheRun.  I think we work very well together as we share a common desire to push technology to its limits, although in a practical way that will benefit others.  It’s cool to do something just because we can, but we really strive to do something that can make a difference to the readers.  Thanks so much Kevin for hanging out with us every day.

To give you readers a feel for where jkOnTheRun is today I should share some statistics so you can fully appreciate how excited both Kevin and I are about what we do here daily.  We now have experienced well over 3 million visitors to this little tech blog.  That is a figure that astounds me when I think of it.  That’s over 3,000,000 visitors who have graced us with a visit.  I cannot stress enough how much we appreciate you our readers for sticking with us and for also sharing your own thoughts and views with us.  I like to think that one thing that attracts visitors to jkOTR is the vast and varied amount of content.  As of right now there are almost 4,000 articles posted here on the site.  No wonder I feel tired.    More importantly than that, however, is how you readers give back to us and each other.  There are currently almost 10,000 comments posted on jkOTR!  It is so incredible to me that what we do here can stimulate so much good conversation about gadgets and other topics.  Equally as important is that the conversation doesn’t stop at gadgets and such.  I have posted in the past about personal traumatic events and problems of a personal nature and the outpouring from you has been nothing short of humbling and touching.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing a part of your day with us here.  We will always do our best to provide you with useful, timely, funny, and innovative information.

As we approach our 10,000th comment Kevin and I are getting a massive contest ready that is so fitting for the readership we enjoy.  The details of the contest will be posted in the next few days and let me tell you, this will be very cool.  There just might be a few gadgets and other prizes up for grabs.  We’ll let you know what you need to do to qualify in just a few days.  Thanks so much for your patronage and happy geeking! 


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