What’s in Dan Costa’s mobile gear bag?

Pc_magazine_logoGetting the inside scoop on what’s in someone’s gear bag is always a treat. Dan Costa is the CE Editor of PC Mag and he’s on the road covering the Pop! Tech show in Maine. So what’s in the bag?

  • A ThinkPad X41; nice choice of notebook.
  • A Palm Treo 650 with GoodLink to stay in synch with the home office.
  • Kodak EasyShare V570: too bad it really needs the bulky dock.
  • TomTom One, ’cause in Maine, "ya cahn’t get thehr from heer".
  • iPod 30 GB video; he doesn’t leave home without it.

Any thoughts on what else you would taken in addition to or in place of this gear? Hey, Dan: you forgot the most important part: what bag are you carrying all this in?


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