Transcend’s Jetflash 2A: 16 GB of USB flashiness


16gjf2a_webGee, with a 16 GB USB flash drive, you could devote half of it for Vista’s Ready Boost and still store an iPod nano-worth of data. Transcend offers just such a mobile beast with their Jetflash TS16GJF2A. Aside from the massive amounts of storage and fast 20 MBps transfer speeds, they also throw in some nice apps including: Auto Login, Data Backup, E-mail, SecureZip, PC-Lock, Favorites and data backup.

I didn’t see a price on the Transcend product page for the new 16 GB drive; an 8 GB version is available for $277, so I’d guess this will come in at the $400 to $500 range.

(via MobileWhack)


Steven Hughes

Just a note if you do purchase one of these they are larger than the 1&2 GB models. These are almost twice as wide and a bit longer. I have an 8GB model for imaging computers and it is pretty beefy, I mean husky…


Nice stuff.
Though I read somewhere that you cannot use a flashdrive greater than 4GB for vista readyboost, because the FAT32 filesystem limits our ReadyBoost.sfcache file to 4GB.

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