Amtek 700 owner reviews the Samsung Q1


Franks_q1There aren’t too many people that own multiple UMPCs, so it’s not often that we get a good comparison review between two of these devices. Ctitanic just received a Q1 not too long ago and shares many fair and honest thoughts about both devices in his latest review. Frank, if you want to send me your eo UMPC, I’ll write up my own comparison! ;)

This is a great summary of the differences in these two devices as well as the intended audience and use cases for each. The only two items I might take a very minor issue to:

1. For a touchscreen accuracy and readability comparison, he used one of James’s ink posts. Frank, trust me: it’s not the Q1 digitizer that makes his handwriting illegible. :)
2. Lack of joystick mouse does hinder the Q1 for some folks (point taken!), but: in the difficult situation described when trying to get the hover menus on the Q1 there’s a very simple workaround. Don’t tap and hold on them from the beginning, because you’re right: that action might be interpreted by the Q1 as a click. Instead: tap elsewhere on the screen and drag the stylus to the item you want to hover on. By dragging the stylus and then holding on the item, the Q1 will immediately show you the hover menu.




My hand writing is generally good. I would like to know how strong is Q1 in Handwriting Recognition and Figures. I have to draw figures (squares, circles, arrows etc) and also write on screen. I want my writing to be converted into MS-Word file. And my figures should be corrected to smooth edges. Can I confidently buy this machine for this? Also, please advise, if a latest version of this machine (Q1B) is available?

Thanks for any info on this


John Christian

Good to see these kinds of comparisons on UMPC devices. However, there is one comparison I would like to see. Some benchmarks on the difference between the Samsung Q1 Celeron 900 MHz, Samsung Q1 Via 1 GHz, and the newer Samsung Q1 Pentium. I wonder how much better the pentium version performs and if it affects the battery usage a lot compared to the normal one.

Of course I’d love to purchase the SSD version but at its current price its out of the question even though its way snappier than other devices.

Rob Bushway

I have been using Vista on my UX180P, and it uses a passive digitizer as well. My handwriting is definitely better on an Active Digitizer. It looks neater and more closely resembles my true handwriting. Handwriting on the UX and other passive displays is similar to handwriting on a pocket PC. The difference is substantial, in my opinion


Ok, I have a question. Do you guys find that your handwriting is more legible on an active tablet pc digitizer or on the Q1 or eo’s passive digitizer? When I tried out the Q1, I thought there was a difference. I remember my handwriting on my Toshiba M200 to be better.


Hey, my handwriting only needs to be legible to me and my Tablet PC. On second thought, as long as the Tablet PC recognizes my handwriting (and it does) that’s good enough for me. And Frank, you really are old. :)

Kevin C. Tofel

Wow! First you criticize James’s handwriting and now you’re calling him old? ;) Just kidding. Looking forward to viewing the difference! Thanks!


ah, and thanks for the tip about how to hover! That was driving me crazy.
I’m using the Q1 for a few days as my primary PC to get completely used to it. What I like most is that it’s cool and light. My eo is heavy with the extended battery and hot.


Kevin, I’m using my eo as my primary device almost from the day I got the recalled unit! I can’t give it to you! :(

About James handwriting… I’ll post today a screen shot of how my handwriting look in the Q1. Do not pay attention to what is written, pay attention to lines. They do not look strong, they look like they have been draw by an very old person.

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