Time Tracking Solutions … A Roundup


Thanks to our ever-insightful readers, we received a number of great answers and tips to our post asking, How Do You Time Track? A couple of readers offered links to other sites where solutions were discussed in detail, including LifeHacker’s post and comment thread on logging your workday, and engtech’s discussion of time planning for projects and web-based solutions for keeping track of hours.

One popular solution was the popular project tool Basecamp and its open-source clone activeCollab. Stunt Software’s On The Job was recommended for Mac users, and made our recent list of great Mac productivity apps. Another Mac user even offered his own custom time tracking script after reading the post and getting inspired!

FreshBooks was also recommended both for tracking and billing (and promises to offer new features geared toward freelancers), while a Linux user recommends GnoTime as an open-source solution. MyHours, another web-based solution, offers mobile time tracking — which seems especially useful if you’re on the road meeting clients or out of the office on conference calls and want to make sure you don’t lose a single billable hour.

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