The worst analysis ever

Analyst firm Gartner suggests Apple quit hardware business and sell software to its hardware competitors.

Gartner’s anaylst suggest as Apple adds volume, higher component costs will decrease their margins. Somehow they seem to suggest that Intel is doing business with Apple ‘just because’.

“Apple’s margins for its Mac business, currently around 40 percent, are only sustainable because component makers such as Intel choose to prop up the business.”

Is Gartner suggesting that the only reason Apple is able to sell computers is because Intel feels like it? Please, I would love to see the real justification for that theory. It’s simple business, Gartner. Apple makes whole computers, Intel makes parts of them. There is no other reason for them not to do business, even before the official transition announcement.

The ‘analysis’ continues…

“As a result of permanently changed market conditions, Intel has been forced to restructure and, in our opinion, cannot go on supporting Apple (or any other customer) indefinitely.”

First, Apple is only alive because of Intel. Then later on it’s because HP cried pricing unfairness, Intel can’t support any customer indefinitely. What type of business can survice that isn’t designed to produce for their clients?

It’s obvious there is something brewing with consumers, and when one company continues to post growth in a down market no one can argue that. It doesn’t take analysis to see that Microsoft’s Vista troubles have hurt PC manufacturers, and they are eager for an interim solution. Even if it is only for a few years until Vista SP2 RC1 Build 1996 Extreme Home Table PC Edition N fixes come.


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