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Tangerine for iTunes

Tangerine by Potion FactoryTangerine from Potion Factory is a very cool companion application to iTunes. Basically it runs through your itunes music library and analyzes the beat patterns of the music you listen to. If you’re like me your music tastes are quite eclectic. Tangerine is perfect for my situation, as it then groups songs with similar beat patterns into playlists. So now I don’t have to manually go through my 3000 song files (I know, small potatoes compared to some of you out there) one at a time and decide what playlist they best fit into.

Tangerine looks as you’d expect an app on OS X to look in this day and age. Which is to say, it looks fabulous. You have the option to create rules for omitting various audio files – I only want to hear Jimmy Buffet’s Christmas Island during the month of December, thank you very much! You can even set the beat pattern that you would like Tangerine to analyze your library by.

Based on the default exclusion rule in Tangerine, it scanned about 2086 song files in 13 minutes. I know this absolutely because it uses Growl to notify you when it’s through, sharing it’s stats. Nice. So if you’ve got a large music library, be ready to give it some time to do its thing.

So then once it’s done analyzing, you choose to create a new playlist to be used in iTunes. You select the build-up you desire from you playlist – based on the beat of the songs. You can adjust how the playlist is built, based on your mood, and the length of the playlist in hours. It build the playlist graphically – based on the type of ramp-up you specified, and then you can audit that playlist. Something you didn’t want in there? click it and hit delete. When you’ve got what you want, you can then save it to iTunes. Simple. Effective.

Tangerine is in Beta right now, so get it while it’s hot, or cool, or at least free…

If you’re not familiar with Potion Factory, you may know them by their extremely fun and productivity-killing app, Voice Candy.

hat tip to Scott at TUAW for this cool app news

9 Responses to “Tangerine for iTunes”

  1. hackand – yeah, good marketing and a nice bonus. But if it works nicely and/or has a unique idea, I’m game for writing about it. The rest is just gravy!

    matthew – I’ll be playing around with the settings a bit to get just what I want. But at a glance, it did pretty well on its own for me.

  2. I love this idea, the app and their bug report plan. But in practice I’ve not had a lot of luck with the app.

    I had it analyze my library this afternoon (took about an hour) and the results were mixed. The tracks within the 160-180 range ranged wildly from techno to classic rock. I need something a little more accurate if I’m going to use this for my daily workouts.

  3. All the posts about Tangerine I’ve seen today just want a free licence. That’s a great marketing idea, appearently. Blog it, get a free licence. They get free massification, you get a free copy.