Quanta UMPC puts the spin on mobility


Intel was showing off a unique UMPC this week at the IDF that PC World now tells us is a new UMPC to be manufactured by Taiwanese computer maker Quanta Computer.  The new UMPC has a QWERTY keyboard that spins out from the main body of the device, providing a "T" shaped PC for text entry.  The device is a full UMPC running the Tablet PC operating system and will include the Yahoo! Go ultramobile suite.  No word on pricing nor marketing plans have been made available by Quanta.  From the photos it appears to have a web camera above the screen which would make this a nice video conferencing machine coupled with that keyboard.


(via PC World)



i’m suprised UMPC’s are hitting their intended goals so quickly. this is only the 2nd generation, i was expecting 3/4 generations to get there. this is more like what MS had in mind to begin with. the size & KB make it obvious competition for the OQO & UX. i love the sliding screen! that should make it work better for tablet use, using the OQO & UX in tablet mode has always been akward.


Before someone picks me up on it I’m aware that i accidently typed late 2008 instead of late 2007 :-)


This is much more like i pictured Origami to be like. OK, it’s got more to do with spinning than folding but at least it’s got a keyboard i can use. Now if only they can sort out the battery life and place an instant on feature so that i can manage my tasks and contacts, then i could ditch my PDA. Personally i think fuel cells will eventually put an end to the power problem. Unfortunatly i still find myself playing the waiting game until the battery life of these things are made to be a bit more practical.

I think i heard that Fuel Cells for portable devices were going to be introduced in some devices as early as next year (late 2008). However i imagine that manufacturers won’t get them small enough for most devices until gone 2010. Also the market needs time to mature and there are safety concerns about these things being taken on aircraft so i imagine it will be beyond something like 2012 until we begin thinking that the battery may have had it’s day. If someone could shed some truth on this rumour though i’d greatly appriciate it. Also don’t pay too much attention to the dates mentioned as it’s just my speculation on the product.

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