Nokia 770 gains Navicore GPS functionality

Nokia_gpsThe Nokia 770 Internet Tablet is becoming quite the Linux-based Swiss Army Knife of ultra-portables. We’ve seen VoIP functionality added, the "Tablet OS" Edition, and now Nokia adds GPS courtesy of Navicore. If they can just add maid service for my house to the 770, I’ll break down and buy one.

It appears that the initial mapset will be Europe only, but I’d expect other areas to follow shortly. The GPS bundle will include a receiver, battery, charger, car cradle, 1 GB MMC card and the Navicore Personal 2007 software. The bundle is expected before Christmas at a price of 199 Euros.

While I sit in squalor waiting for the maid that will never show, you can head over to the Nokia site to get more info on the navigation kit.


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