@MIPCOM: Interview With Mark Selby, VP-Multimedia, Nokia

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Our London correspondent Jemima interviewed Mark Selby, VP of multimedia at Nokia, about user-generated content in general and the Google/YouTube deal in particular. It’s an interesting interview because it’s with an informed person who isn’t directly involved in the industry in question…in fact, most of the interview has nothing to do with mobile. Still, it’s mentioned at the end:
“He agrees that there’s a big opportunity for content producers right now to fulfill the demand for made-for-mobile, exciting, creative TV and video content. There’s more of an opportunity – and a challenge – for translating advertising to that space as well: “If you’ve been working for the last however many years with a 30-second mindset, and now you’ve got to transfer to a 5 second, how do you do it? For us it’s the fact that you’ve got this ability to create, you’ve got this amazing method of distribution and on the back of that the potential is phenomenal.” Nokia has been working with a number of directors to experiment with filming and showing films on mobiles. Selby: “The most important thing for us is putting capability into the devices that will enable people to contribute. If you look at the number of videos on YouTube that have actually been generated from mobile phones and cameras because people were in that place at that moment and they could record it â

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the future of online video monetization is mashed up tv material with advertising mashed into it….

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