Logitech on a diet: buys Slim Devices


Slim_logo Slim Devices home page as they now own the company
Squeezebox ever since they included Pandora’s music service Transporter_2

Regardless of who sells you one of the Slim Devices; I’ve read nothing but good things on these mobile audio streamers. Any jkOTR readers have first-hand experience?

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I have a two of the Squeezebox v3’s and an Infrant ReadyNAS NV that is running the Slimserver software. I think the whole deal works really well, but I would say it’s for the relatively tech-savvy. What it is really good at is streaming high quality audio, even losless audio files (FLAC format). The Squeeboxes have versatile outputs (analog and digital), produce a good sound, and have a well designed remote control. Some people don’t like the software bit, because it can be a little fiddly and when scanning a large library, can take a really long time to catalog all the files.

There are cheaper and/or easier ways to stream multimedia around the house, including video. Slim Devices caters to audiophiles, not general consumers or people interested in video. Also, it excels at working with open source file formats. Their devices are network devices, so they require a wired or wireless network. There are a bunch of other features, including Pandora and internet radio (requiring only an available network, no computer or Slimserver needed for that). Finally, it encourages you to use and integrate other available hardware, such as a high end sound system that someone might already have invested thousands of dollars in.

If you want your music library available 24/7, I’d recommend a low-wattage computer and/or a NAS that is Slimserver ready.


I’ve used their free software SlimServer on my PC to stream music to my Palm TX (using pTunes) since it supports streams in mp3 format. It took a bit of fiddling to get all the settings right, but eventually I was able to stream my own music. I don’t use it anymore because it was a CPU hog at times. I’ve never used the hardware.

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