Cinemar offers UMPC with home automation and media control


Cinemar_interfaceI can’t think of many better apps for a touchscreen UMPC than software that controls your home automation or media network. There are numerous software options out there, but one vendor, Cinemar, actually sells the Samsung Q1 preloaded with their MAINLobby client. The bundled package costs $1199 and will still require the purchase of the server-side software. Once you get your UMPC all configured, you’ve got a touchscreen interface to control lighting, sprinkler systems, Media Centers, thermostats and much more. The software looks fairly intuitive to use; the automation rules appear to be configurable through a common English language approach.

The MAINLobby server supports up to five devices (UMPCs, PCs, Pocket PCs) and will set you back another $99. All in all, a reasonable cost and another great use for small, touchscreen devices. Cinemar does offer a 30-day trial (on the software, not the Q1) which you can find here.


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