Yahoo Q3 Earnings Call — Mobile Important


Yahoo gave its third quarter earnings call…the important thing for MocoNews are the comments indicating the behemoth directories intentions in the mobile space, which it identified as one of three key areas of opportunity (along with social media and video, both of which can be combined with mobile, of course). This from COO Daniel L. Rosensweig: “On the mobile side, the way we would suggest you look at it is the way we look at it, which is the mobile side is much like the early days of the Internet, which is it is how do we establish a beachhead in terms of audience side, audience engagement. By having the relationships we have with the carriers, by having the relationships we have with the device manufacturers, we think we are in an absolute leadership position here because of the quality of our products, the size of our audience, and people’s desire to take Yahoo! with them to these places.”
There’s a lot of emphasis on the fact that fairly soon most people around the globe will be accessing the internet through mobile phones rather than home computers. That’s coming on in a rush, so Yahoo sees mobile as in a land rush phase to gain audience, with revenue following later.
If you’re interested just in the mobile comments you’ll have to do a text search for “mobile”…it’s a fair way down.

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