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Vista 1, JK 1- score is now tied on the Vista front

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I first detailed my experience trying to install Vista RC2 on the HP tc1100 and I have to admit I was a bit, well, defeated when I wrote it.  RC2 was kicking my butt with problems galore that I felt should not be issues at this late stage in the Vista game.  The more I thought about the problems I was having the more I felt that the RC2 install was a huge step backwards for me as I had installed a very early (think pre-beta 2) release on this device with no problems.  To that end yesterday I blew away the RC2 install and pulled out a DVD I had in my possession containing Vista RC1 build 5600.  Guess what?  Installed without a hitch, first time through, no driver problems, no IE7 failures.  Everything is working just find and dandy on the tc1100 with RC1.  Now that tells me one of two things, either RC2 does not like my particular tc1100 since others have installed it with no problems, or the RC2 ISO image I burned for the install is corrupt somehow.  I downloaded it straight from Microsoft so I wouldn’t think that would be a problem but who knows.  Once I have the RC1 install finalized with MS Office and friends I intend to perform an upgrade install of RC2 to see if that works.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t trash my now working system.

5 Responses to “Vista 1, JK 1- score is now tied on the Vista front”

  1. I meant to respond much earlier, but I also had to throw in the towel with my ViewSonic V1250. The major issue was that networking wouldn’t work after sleep or hibernate, and this would cause a BSOD. It resisted neaaly all attempts to install other wireless drivers. I searched Connect, then bugged it when I didn’t find another report (my bug was still closed as a duplicate).

  2. I’m contemplating an RC2 install in my M400. I’ve hard some great things about the Tablet functionality so I’m pretty excited about it.

    What will happen to Vista Beta once it gets publicly released? Does it just quit working on you? This is the only thing keeping me back from testing, as my M400 is a daily user and I’d hate to have to switch intalled OS’s again.

    Would be neat if they let BETA users purchase a new key, and let you switch it in Beta to make a legit copy once it goes public. I can see how this can have downfalls, however.

  3. I tried to throw in the towel on using Vista on my eo i7210 due to the few holes I had and went back to XP, but I can’t stand XP any more, so the pain I feel is worth it. Of course, I’m running RC1 (too many more problems with RC2), but the improved interface, the TIP, etc. etc. is too compelling to me.

  4. John in Norway

    I had to download Vista RC1 SEVEN times before I got a copy that worked! RC2 took 5 downloads! I’ve tried RC2 on various machines I have laying around and each one throws up different problems, even with the same hardware and software.

    I’m with Dennis with my m200. Whilst I’d love to have the new inking experience I think I’ll stick with XP. Maybe when Kevin tells us how he’s got the buttons working on his Q1 I’ll try that.

  5. Well, I haven’t posted this on GBM yet, but I am throwing in the towel on my M200 Vista install. I have spent too many hours on it, and although I have a “working” system, there are too many holes in it, and the performance is lacking. I am going back to XP, and will relegate this machine to that role. Vista is running great on my M280, and once I experienced that, I knew how slow my M200 was and quickly became disallusioned.

    Too bad — it is such a nice machine.