What’s the best way to keep your insides clean?


My poor PowerMac G5 is literally caked with dust on the insides. What have you found to be the best way to clean out dust and keep everything nice and shiny?

This would include any tools, cleaning solutions, and whatever else would be necessary to make sure everything is as clean as it can be.



Isn’t dust unavoidable?

I use the obvious method of cleaning my Macs with compressed air and a vacuum.


Most of my Macs are on the floor too, and I’ve found that cat fur that builds up on the outside of the perforated front grill makes a nice dust filter. ; )


My G5 at home gets lots of dust too, primarily because its on the ground. Try putting the case on your desk if you dont already. That might help reduce the amount of dust from getting into the case.


I dunno if I’d glue the speaker cloth to the inside, because you’re probably going to have to remove it every few months to clean it. Or I guess you could just vacuum it from the outside. I often thought about putting a piece of foam filter on the inside, something that would stay put without glue.


Since a PMG5 is fairly easy to disassemble, I’d take out as many components as you can easily take out, and use a can of compressed air (or an air compressor) to blow out as much dust as possible (do it outside!). You’ll probably notice lower fan speeds once it’s all cleaned up.


Take some speaker grill cloth and use some spray adhesive to attach it to the inside of the G5’s grill. This will help reduce the amount of dust that gets in there.

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