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Warner Music In Mobile Music Deals

Warner Music Group has made some music announcements. First, the most relevant to mobile: “Warner Music has also unveiled a series of strategic partnerships around the world, including agreements with Beeline, one of Russia’s leading mobile networks, China Unicom, the world’s third-largest mobile operator, and SK Telecom, Korea’s foremost broadband and wireless provider.” So far, I haven’t found any more detail on that. Second, and more interesting, WMG has signed up with muvee to allow fans to make remixes of music videos by WMG artists. “To make a muvee, users simply upload video clips and pictures of their own and select an artist style. muvee’s back-end Web service will then automatically synchronize and blend highlights of users’ footage with scenes from the artist music video to create a unique finished production…In addition, consumers will soon be able to access the muvee web-based service directly from their mobile devices.” It’s nice to see a music company encourage the way their customers use their products, instead of decrying such activity as copyright-infringing piracy.