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Technorati Mines Blog PR Revenue

PR firm Edelman will sponsor new Technorati sites in French, German, Italian, Chinese and Korean to the tune of “several hundred thousand dollars.” That’s a very neat new revenue stream for Technorati, and a powerful monitoring tool for Edelman. Technorati already publishes in English and Japanese, but the new sites are running in a private beta only for Edelman clients until February 2007. That will give Edelman access to the lucrative “buzz” of the internet that will inform campaigns for its clients, but until now monitoring foreign-language services in Asia and Europe had been trickier. Edelman and Technorati have also partnered on a global survey of blog use. Technorati CEO chairman Peter Hirshberg: A year ago, brands were saying, ‘Oh no, not the blogosphere,’ Now they’re saying, ‘Great, this is an opportunity.'”

This article originally appeared in MediaGuardian.