FrontRow Enabler 1.3 Kills 10.4.8

Before Apple disabled FrontRow with its Mac OS X 10.4.8 update, I was a happy FrontRow user on an aging PowerBook G4, courtesy of Andrew Escobar’s fine “FrontRow Enabler 1.3″.

If you’re running 10.4.8 do not run FrontRow Enabler 1.3, and if you just did, do not reboot … Or you won’t be able to boot again.

I just ran into this situation and it was less than pleasant. Googling for this issue took me to Andrew’s site, which appears to be down, throwing 404s. The Google Cache gave me all the info I needed though. He recommends re-installing the 10.4.8 combo update on the corrupted hard drive, by mounting it in “Target Disk Mode” from a healthy Mac where you would run the 10.4.8 installer. Or doing an archive-install.

Following part of his instructions, i booted the PowerBook in “Target Disk Mode”, by holding “T” at boot-up. I hooked a firewire cable between the PowerBook and an uncorrupted iBook with the latest OS X 10.4.8. The “sick” PowerBook’s hard drive was now accessible from the iBook.

Note that both machines are PowerPC machines. If one was an Intel Machine, and another was a PowerPC machine, I would have likely downloaded the 10.4.8 combo update.

On the iBook, I opened a terminal window and ran the following:

sudo cp /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices /Volumes/[powerbookHD]/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/BezelServices.framework/Versions/A/BezelServices
sudo cp /System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices /Volumes/[powerbookHD]/System/Library/LoginPlugins/BezelServices.loginPlugin/Contents/MacOS/BezelServices

I then “ejected/unmounted” the PowerBook hard drive, unplugged the firewire cable, and rebooted, and everything, so-far, appears to be back to normal.

Those are the two files that Enabler 1.3 patches, and that are incompatible with 10.4.8.


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