Digital Music Drives First Half Music Sales


Sales of digital music increased 106% year-on-year in the first half of 2006 to US$945 million, up from US$134 million in the first half of 2004. Digital music now accounts for 11% of the total recorded music market, up from 5.5 % in December 2005. There are several countries where mobile music makes up the bulk of digital music sales: Japan (85%), Spain (78%) and Italy (76%). In the US online sales accounted for 64% of the market, so I assume mobile music counted for 36%. UK had 70% of digital sales from online downloads, and Germany 69%. The mobile music figures excludes midi ringtones. Overall music sales fell by 4%, and the Guardian notes that IFPI placed the blame for this on piracy and competition for consumer spending. IFPI has been blaming piracy for falling music sales for several years now, although there is strong arguments against this claim.

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